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  • Ablenet Dual Switch Latch Timer for individuals with disabilities.
  • Ablenet Dual Switch Latch Timer for individuals with disabilities.

Dual Switch Latch & Timer

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Product Description

Most switches give switch users momentary control of their switch adapted toys or appliances. Meaning, when you press your switch, your toy or appliance will operate only for the time that you are holding down the switch. The Dual Switch Latch and Timer gives switch users more control of their devices by adding time and latch modes of control. You can setup two switches into the Switch Latch and timer. The switches will operate their corresponding toy or appliance independently of each other in the same mode of control.

Timed Seconds - The Timed Seconds mode allows for the toy or appliance to run for a preset amount of time with a single activation. Timed Minutes - This mode behaves exactly like the Timed Seconds mode, but uses minutes rather than seconds.

Latch - One activation of a switch turns the toy or appliance Switch 1 - In on; the second activations turns it off. Use the Latch mode when you want a toy or appliance to remain on indefinitely. Cable to Toy for Switch 1 Plug to Plug Adapter 1/8” (3.5mm) phone plug both sides.

Switches and toys not included.

Rule of thumb: If you have a toy or device connected directly to a switch and the toy/device continues to play after you release your switch, then this product will not work with that toy/device.

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Warranty Information

2 year