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Frequently Asked Questions

Returns, exchanges, and shipping damage claims: Please see our policies by clicking here.

Warranty: Please see our warranty details here.

I'm having trouble getting an adapted toy to work. Do you have any troubleshooting tips? Here are some basic troubleshooting tips. If you try these tips and still have problems, please Contact Us for further assistance.

  • Most issues are due to bad batteries. Remove the batteries, wait 10 seconds, then install fresh batteries. We recommend Alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries are highly discouraged. Dead batteries do not constitute a manufacturer's defect and are not covered under warranty. If an item is returned to us and the issue is weak or dead batteries (i.e., there is no defect) the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges, including return shipping to send the device back to the customer.
  • If there is an on/off switch, some toys will run on their own (without the switch being pressed) while in the ON position. To switch activate these toys, move the on/off switch to the OFF position.
  • Plug in a switch that you know is working (try the switch on another device or toy first). Make sure you push the plug all the way into the jack. There should be no gap between the plug and the jack. If a switch is only partially plugged into the jack, it may cause the toy to run continuously or not run at all.
  • Many toys or devices will not work with AbleNet's Candy Corn switch. If you are trying to use a LittleMack or BigMack to act as the switch, please ensure you are recording a message on the device. Otherwise the toy will not play.
  • In many instances, the toy will not run unless a switch is plugged in and is being held down to activate it. 

What size plugs/jacks do your switch adapted products have? All our products use standard 1/8" plugs. This is the standard for other companies as well unless they specify otherwise. So, switches and switch adapted products from our product line will accept and interface with products with 1/8" jacks/plugs sold by other companies. For more information click here.

Which switches can I use with your switch adapted toys/devices? All the switches we sell are compatible with all of the switch adapted toys/devices we sell unless otherwise mentioned on the product's webpage. Most switches sold by other vendors are also compatible. The Candy Corn Switch by AbleNet is not compatible with most toys (ours and other company's toys). Our Penguin Race Toy will not work with the SwitchItUp! switch.

Do you take suggestions for toys or devices? You bet! We would appreciate any input regarding the types of items you would like us to offer to our customers. Please Contact Us and let us know your thoughts... after all, we're here for you!

Where can I find information about shipping charges? Information related to shipping can be found here. 

If I select Expedited shipping, will my order be processed faster? Order processing time averages 4 business days, but may be longer in certain circumstances. If you need expedited processing, upon placing your order please Contact Us , give us your order number and explain your circumstances. We will do what we can to accommodate expedited processing when possible.

Do you ship internationally? We ship to Canada. You will be responsible for all duties and taxes associated with your order passing through customs. Canadian customers can calculate an estimate of duties and taxes here. Although we offer the ability for you to see pricing in your local currency, all purchases are transacted in USD. All quotes, purchase orders, and payments must be be in USD. We capture credit card and PayPal funds in USD when an order ships. CAD equivalents will be based on current exchange rates.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax is only applied to orders shipping to Oklahoma. Sales tax is not applied to orders shipping outside Oklahoma. If you are a tax exempt organization shipping to Oklahoma, please create an account on our site, then fax your proof of tax exempt status to us at 1-866-516-8160 or attach it to the Contact Us form located at the top of our website. Also, on your correspondence, please write the email address you used to establish your online account with us. We will flag your account as tax exempt so all future quotes and orders will not have sales tax applied. This exemption is linked directly to the email address used to establish the account. If another person from your organization wishes to establish an account, we will need to be notified so we can flag their account as well.

Although we do not charge sales tax to customers shipping to an address outside of Oklahoma, many states require you to pay sales tax directly to the state for these purchases. Please click here for more information.

What is your contact information?

Adaptive Tech Solutions
1071 Chickasaw Rd.
Sand Springs, OK 74063
1-866-516-8160 fax
1-918-637-7390 orders/support
Or Contact Us

Our tax ID is 45-2478954

Click here to download our signed w9.

Click here to download our NJ Business Registration Certificate.

I want to use a Purchase Order. How do I do that? Please see Purchase Order information here.
How do I get a quote? Click here for instructions on how to generate your own quote.
Why is my credit card declining? Usually, a credit card declines because the billing address entered during checkout does not match the address where your credit card statement is mailed. Please look at your credit card statement to see where it is being mailed. Use that mailing address as the billing address during checkout.

Can I use a coupon code multiple times? Our coupons are limited to one use per customer per coupon code. Customers must establish an account (no "guest checkout") to use a coupon code. Coupon codes are not valid on orders placed with a Purchase Order. The order must be placed online and paid for at the time the order is placed.