Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders from hospitals, schools, government agencies, and select pre-approved entities within the US and Canada. Please contact us if you are unsure if your company falls within our guidelines. 

All customers wishing to pay via PO must have a current Customer Information Form on file with us. If you are a new customer, your details change, or it has been more than 1 year since you provided us this information, please submit a new Customer Information Form.

For your convenience, we now accept POs through our website!

  • Add items to your cart.
  • Click the orange 'Proceed to Checkout' button.
  • Log into your account. If you do not have an account, complete the Customer Information Form so we can establish one for you.
  • Choose Purchase Order as the payment method during checkout. You will then be prompted to upload your PO. 

Optionally, you can upload your sales tax exemption form. Please note that the tax exemption form is only needed if you are shipping an order to Oklahoma. If you are tax exempt and shipping to OK, we MUST have your exemption on file for your email address BEFORE you place your order or create a quote. Otherwise, you will have tax added.

If we do not have enough stock for you to submit your order, please contact us for assistance. 

Other ways to get your PO to us:

  • Mailing it to us:  Adaptive Tech Solutions 1071 Chickasaw Rd.  Sand Springs, OK 74063
  • Emailing it to us at ATsupport(*at) (*Replace with @ symbol)

Once we receive your PO with all the info shown below, we ask that you allow up to 10 business days for your PO to be vetted and products adapted before it ships. Omission of required information (shown below) will delay processing. We require a formal purchase order and cannot process purchase requisitions.

Please ensure your PO includes the following:
-Correct shipping amount (or a notation to add shipping & bill) *Your PO will be returned if this is not included*
-Signature of an authorized purchaser
-Terms We offer Net 30 terms (unless different terms are arranged and agreed upon by us in writing)
-Prices in USD and PO in English
If you have a valid quote, please send it along with your PO form so we can honor those prices.

If you are needing a printed quote:
-Add desired products to the cart.
-View the cart and input your shipping details.
-Click the Print A Quote button.
Hint: If you log into your account prior to obtaining your quote, the order will be saved in your account for easy checkout once you have your PO ready to upload!

If the quote is larger than our online quote system will handle, or you need other assistance with your quote please Contact Us.

 Resubmitting a PO: If a PO is being re-submitted to us for any reason (revision to a PO, not sure if PO has been received, etc.,) you must clearly write "DO NOT DUPLICATE" or "REVISED PO" on the top the resubmitted PO forms. Placing this information only in the body of an email or fax cover sheet that has the revised PO attached to it may result in the order being duplicated since only the attachment is printed off by our system. Likewise, sending the same PO via more than one method of delivery (email, fax, mail) may result in duplicate orders. The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges and return fees in these instances.

Our tax ID is 90-1209705. We are an LLC sub-S.

Our contact information for sales and remittances is:
Adaptive Tech Solutions
Jana Gundy- support
Email: ATsupport(*at) (*Replace with @ symbol)
1071 Chickasaw Rd.
Sand Springs, OK 74063
1-918-637-7390 voice messaging system

Mailing/Remittance address:
Adaptive Tech Solutions
1071 Chickasaw Rd
Sand Springs, OK 74063

ACH Payments
If you wish to pay via ACH, please contact us for details. We will authorize ACH credits, but do not authorize ACH debits.

Click here to download our signed w9.
Click here to download our CA Form 587.
Click here to download our 889 Certification Form.
Click here to download our TX Felony Affidavit Form.
Click here to download our CIF Form.


NJ Business Certificate is not required per the guidelines below, and also we have no physical presence in NJ.

  • A Business Registration Certification is not required when:
    • the value of a single contract with the contractor is less than 15 percent of the contracting agency’s bid threshold; or
    • the aggregate amount of contracts with the contractor during a fiscal year, is less than 15 percent of the contracting agency’s bid threshold.

Sales tax is not applied to orders shipping outside Oklahoma. If you are a tax-exempt organization shipping to Oklahoma, please create an account on our site, then submit proof of tax-exempt status to us via our customer portal (click on the ? at the bottom of our website) or attach it to the Contact Us form located at the top of our website. Submit this before you place an order with us. Also, on your correspondence, please write the email address you used to establish your online account with us. We will flag your account as tax exempt so all future quotes and orders will not have sales tax applied. This exemption is linked directly to the email address used to establish the account. If another person from your organization wishes to establish an account, we will need to be notified so we can flag their account as well.

Invoicing: We will send a single invoice via email. If requested, we can snail mail single copies of invoices. (i.e., no invoices mailed in duplicate, triplicate, etc.)

Discount coupon codes cannot be used on Purchase Orders. 

Terms are NET 30. In the event that any term or condition submitted by you in any purchase order is inconsistent with our terms, our policy/terms will prevail. By submitting a PO, you are agreeing to this. Overdue accounts will be assessed a late fee equivalent to 12% APR. Those who wish to pay with a credit card, P-card, or PayPal after utilizing NET TERMS will be subject to a 3.5% domestic or 5% international convenience fee. Returned checks are subject to a $30 returned check fee. PO's and payments must be in US dollars.  Duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility. 

Using Your Shipping Account: We do not ship using a customer's shipping account or customs broker. We are happy to put broker name and phone on the shipping label if your PO shows it as part of the shipping address. We will send you an email with the Waybill number that you can give to your broker.  

By submitting a PO to us, you are agreeing to the above terms.