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Battery Interrupters
Battery Interrupters
Serial Number: BI09
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So, what makes our battery interrupters so much better than the other guys'? (Besides the great price!)
  • We coat our disks to retard corrosion. This ensures your battery interrupter will last years, not months.
  •  We add reinforcement to our wires where they connect to the disk for added stability.
  • We add a generous 16" of wire before attaching a durable jack to the end.
Simply insert our battery interrupter between "AA", "AAA", "C", or "D" batteries and make most items switch activated. This is a great option if you have a favorite toy or vocational-related device that needs to be adapted. Works with devices that have an on/off switch. Does not work with toys that are squeezed or use remote control to activate them. Choose the size based on the battery size your device uses. Please gently slide the disk between the battery and the metal bump on the compartment. Sometimes it is easiest to slide the disk and the battery in at the same time. Do not use force on the area where the wires join the disk. This area is not made to withstand pressure and may cause the wire to break. Use a file or clippers to make a small notch for the wire to fit through the battery compartment door before you close it. If you simply attempt to close the battery door on the wires, they will be smashed and may break. If this occurs, it is not covered by our warranty. 

We offer a 90 day warranty against manufacturers defects on this product. 

Want to learn more about battery interrupters? See our explanation here

When submitting orders via mail or fax, please be sure to specify which size interrupters you are needing. If there is no specification, size AA/AAA will be shipped.
Please allow additional handling time for bulk orders.

battery adapter

On occasion you may run across a battery compartment that is tight and won't allow the adapter to slide in. In these instances, the metal disk on the battery interrupter can be cut using heavy duty scissors or garden shears to make the interrupter fit. Click on the video tab to learn more.
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