Product Info Defined

autism.png Popular for people with Autism.

early-switch-user.pngA great choice for early switch users learning Cause-Effect. These toys generally play when a switch is activated and stop when it is released. This helps learners understand the action they made (pressing the switch) is directly related to the outcome (the toy "playing").

interaction.pngPromotes social interaction with disabled and non-disabled peers. 

pressrelease.png Continues to play for a period of time after your switch is released. Best for individuals who have a basic understanding of switch use and Cause-Effect.

presshold.png Plays while external switch is activated and stops when switch is released. Best choice for new switch users or individuals still learning Cause-Effect.

switchoptional.pngCan be used by non-switch users without an external switch by simply pressing the buttons located on the toy iteself.

switchrequired.png Requires an external switch in order to work. Will not work unless a switch is plugged in and activated.

tactile.png Promotes sensory awareness through touch, usually through interesting textures or vibration.

visual.png Promotes visual awareness and visual tracking through movement and/or lights.

auditory.png Promotes auditory awareness and/or discrimination through various sounds.

speech.png Encourages vocal play, speech, and language development.

sensitive.png Sensitive switch for individuals with limited movement/strength. Requires minimal pressure or no touch at all.

sensitive.png Requires moderate pressure to activate. Good for the average switch user.

 visual.pngRequires more pressure to activate. Best for individuals that have a hard time controlling how much pressure they place on an object.