Adapted by Hand

Often people with disabilities don't have the physical abilities to interact with toys and leisure activities. They need products that are adapted to by-pass small buttons through the use of external switches. A switch can be a large button, lever, or even a very sensor that allows individuals with physical disabilities to interact with the toy just as a non-disabled person does.playing ball with AT

Since you are shopping for products made for people with special needs, you are most likely aware that there aren't a lot of choices out there. And what is available can be quite a bit more expensive than those same toys for non-disabled individuals. That's because factories don't mass produce toys with adaptations that make them accessible for people with disabilities. These adaptations are done by hand in small shops such as ours. It is truly a labor of love.

Here at Adaptive Tech Solutions, it's our mission (and passion) to make affordable toys, leisure products, and aids for activities of daily living that are accessible for people with disabilities. Most of our products are adapted by hand at the time you place your order. Because this takes time, we need a few days to process an order. And unlike some other companies that adapt products, at Adaptive Tech Solutions nearly all of our adapted toys/leisure activities still have their original buttons intact. That means people with disabilities and those without can interact with our products. This encourages interactive play among people with disabilities and their non-disabled peers, which is important for increasing social skills through cooperative interaction & play. And it saves money too, since two versions of the same toy don't need to be purchased for a clinic, classroom, daycare, or other environment where people with and without disabilities play.

At Adaptive Tech Solutions, we hard wire in our adaptive jacks. We don't cut corners and just provide you with a battery interrupter and a toy and call it an "adapted" product. A hard wired product provides a more durable and longer lasting connection. Our cables are thicker and longer than most of the adapted products you'll find on websites where individuals sell their handmade wares. Again, making us a better choice for long term savings. 

Our therapist hand selects the toys we adapt. The products are chosen based on the interests of children and adults, as well as on their therapeutic benefit. After all, with play comes learning. We make an effort to select toys that have battery compartments that are secured with screws; as we know that sometimes kiddos can be a little more curious than we want them to be. Keeping batteries out of their hands (and mouths) and ensuring their safety is important. And if you need one of our products adapted to meet a specific need, we'll try to accommodate your needs. Just touch base with us.

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