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Toys listed in the Cause Effect Category are selected because they best facilitate the teaching of basic cause-effect. Cause-Effect is an early language concept where and individuals learns that if they do something, there will be a direct result. Such as, if I press a button, a toy will play. When I stop pressing the button, the toy will stop. Toys that continue to play after a switch is released are not suited for teaching this concept, but are engaging and fun once an individual understands Cause-Effect concept. Cause-Effect is a precursor to language development. Cause-Effect language is important because it allows a person to effectively communicate causative relationships between events.

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  • Thunder Tumbler Radio Controlled Car - Switch Adapted

    Thunder Tumbler Radio Controlled Car

    Our Price: $66.10
    Plug in your switches, wake up your wild side and prepare to have a blast! This rugged remote control rally car performs a jaw-dropping array of spinning and wheelies stunts!  Color may vary. Plastic. 9 1/2" x 8" x 7 1/2" high. Controller...
    Our Price: $66.10
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    Our Price: $66.10
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