Sip Puff Switch FAQ

Sip/PuffTM FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where do I put the in-line filter?

A:  It can go anywhere between the user and the sip and puff pressure sensors (Sip/Puff Switch Box or the Breeze). However, the in-line filter can conveniently connect to the Sip/Puff Switch Box or Breeze with the tubing connected to the other side.

2: If I'm using the Gooseneck with its filtered mouthpiece do I need to use an in-line filter?

A:  No, use only one filter at a time.

3: Does the filter have a preferred orientation?

A:  No, the filter works the same in either direction.

4: Should I clean the filter?

A:  No, the filter cannot be cleaned.

5:  How do I clean the plastic tubing?

A:  The tubing can be cleaned with regular dish washing detergent and hot water. A squeeze bulb can be used to force water and detergent through the tubing. Cleaning and rinse water can be removed with compressed or canned air.

6:  What can I do to keep saliva out of the tubing?

A:  Orient the mouth tube such that any saliva in the mouth tube drains back into the mouth with gravity. Also, by looping the tubing several inches above the mouth you will make a saliva "trap." Our head mounted version of the Sip/Puff Switch makes a saliva trap by looping the tubing up over the ear before it connects to the Sip/Puff Switch Box or Breeze.

7: Why does my filter clog so quickly?

A:  You probably need to re-arrange your mouth tube and add a saliva trap so that gravity will minimize how much saliva enters your Sip/Puff Switch tubing. Form a saliva trap with a vertical loop in the tubing. Our head mounted version of the Sip/Puff Switch makes a saliva trap by looping the tubing up over the ear before it connects to the Sip/Puff Switch Box or Breeze. Remember, the filter is only there to protect the sip and puff pressure sensors. If excessive saliva enters the tubing both it and the filter will clog. If your filter quickly and repeatedly clogs you need to re-arrange your tubing to ensure you have an adequate saliva trap.

8:  Can I adjust the pressure needed to activate a sip or a puff event?

A:  The Sip/Puff Switch Box can be disassembled and adjusted, but we highly recommend you return it to the factory if you feel it needs to be recalibrated. The Breeze has a DIP switch setting to select between two pressure levels.

9:  What is the slide switch used for on the Sip/Puff Switch Box?

A:  The slide switch changes how the sip and puff sensors are connected to the two 3.5mm switch jacks. The primary reason for the slide switch is to change the sense of the sip and puff signals on the stereo connector.

10:  Why do you offer the Sip/Puff Switch Box and the Breeze?

A:  Partly for historical reasons and for their unique capabilities. The Sip/Puff Switch Box was developed first and is ideal for applications needing passive (no power required) switches that short two electrical contacts with a sip or a puff. The Breeze came along as new technology became available and it also offers a built-in USB interface at no additional charge.

11:  Can I use a Sip or Puff to do a left double click?

A:  Yes, if you can do a quick double sip or puff, just like you would with a desktop mouse button.

You can also use a so-called keyboard macro program to turn a single sip or puff event into a left double click, or to perform other more complex tasks. Read the following document for instructions on using AutoHotKey on a Windows machine.