Collis Curve Special Needs Toothbrush

  • Collis Curve Toothbrush for people with limited dexterity
  • Collis Curve Toothbrush for  individuals with special needs
  • Collis Curve Toothbrush covers all three surfaces of teeth at once
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These therapist recommended Collis Curve toothbrushes cover three surfaces, making oral hygiene easier and more efficient, especially for individuals with limited physical abilities. Can be used by caregivers, individuals with disabilities, or anyone looking for thorough oral care. 

Oral hygiene and dental care is a priority for people with disabilities because they experience greater levels of oral disease. Physical disabilities that cause impairments in manual dexterity pose a difficulty for the individual to maintain a technique that can effectively remove plaque. People with developmental and intellectual disabilities may require assistance from a caregiver to brush their teeth. The Collis Curve Toothbrush has been show to help individuals with limited manual dexterity brush their teeth. And it is preferred by caregivers who assist individuals with tooth brushing. 

Adult Soft
The Collis Curve Soft brush is a gentle brush designed to increase circulation in the gum line area by its lightly massaging action. Ideal for carers and brushers with a limited range of motion. Indications for use include; sensitive gums; gums bleed upon brushing; hyper-gag reflex; post-operative conditions; and a first time user of the curved bristle. A growing number of chemotherapy patients are beginning to use it too as it has proved to be ideal for them. The bristle is curved and flexible to gently flex and rotate around undercut and malpositioned teeth. The compact head and efficient patented Triplefit bristles prevent gagging when brushing back teeth and eliminate any harsh poking actions that can occur with the straight bristled brush. This has been dubbed a “life- saver” by parents who brush the teeth and gums of their children. This is a good brush to use until the gums are in a healthy condition, at which point a Medium bristle will give you a more positive feeling of massage. Bristle diameter 0.007″, length 15/32″. 

Adult Medium
The Collis Curve Medium (.009″ diameter) bristle is the ‘stiffest’. It will give you a positive massaging feeling and do a superior job of cleaning. This brush is recommended for individuals who have healthy gums and have already used the Soft Collis-Curve previously. This brush is also good for cleaning braces. This medium brush with a .009″ trim height and adult length 15/32″ has superior plaque removal and cleaning ability.

Adult Periodontal
The Collis Curve Perio brush is for patients with recessed gums, long or longer teeth; patients with dental appliances such as braces, caps, crowns, implants etc; and for patients who have periodontal pockets. The longer curved bristles reach gently around these special areas. Bristle diameter is 0.28 cm with longer trim height. Adult length 1.27 cm.

The Collis Curve youth for juniors has a small head for easy manipulation in the confined spaces of the young patient’s mouth. Start using this brush at the appearance of the first molar, usually 6 years old. 

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