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An easy-to-use 4 or 9 message voice output device. Activate the easy on/off switch and begin to record messages on each of 3 levels for a total of 12 or 27 messages in this small handheld device. Each level is designated by a different color LED and while switching modes occurs by holding in the Record Mode and listening for the auditory single beep to indicate the 4 message mode or two beeps to indicate 9 message mode. A powerful communication device that's hand-held for quick access. The plastic cover makes it perfect to toss into a purse, bag, or pocket without the buttons accidentally being pressed.

This is an amazing tool for students to use in school. In the classroom to communicate wants/needs or for students to show the teacher what they know in specific classes throughout the day. Easily programmed for 3 classes in the morning and then can be re-programmed to reflect 3 more afternoon classes. Also, excellent for kids to improve receptive language skills, use it as a reminder for items needed for particular sporting event or use it expressively to ask coaches questions during practice sessions. Literally, the size and clear volume allows individuals to access and communicate within their communities. This tool can be paired with other communication devices or methods to support students multi-modal communication needs. Also a nice, basic communication device for individuals who have communication impairments from strokes or other ailments and need a very basic device to put in their pocket for quick communication interaction. 

Weighs just 3.1 oz.

Measures 5 1/4" x 2 1/2".

Best for individuals with good vision and good finger dexterity.

Cover prevents accidental button activation.

Use the GoTalk Design Software to quickly create customized inserts. Or you cut and attach your own pictures printed from the internet, a camera, or magazines.

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Warranty Information

2 year warranty
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Other Details

Recording time:
5.6 minutes
Number of Buttons:
4 or 9 per level depending on configuration
Number of Messages:
12 or 27 depending on configuration
Number of Levels:
Input Method:
Direct Selection
3.1 oz.
5 1/4" x 2 1/2"
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