Bionix SafeStraw for Swallowing Problems- 12 Count Box

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Safely manage swallowed liquid volume and help reduce aspiration risk.

Buy in bulk and save with our 12 pack box.

The reusable Bionix SafeStraw helps patients with swallowing problems due to deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills drink safely by limiting the amount of fluid per presentation and also acts as a one way valve by holding the fluid up in the straw, thereby decreasing fatigue. Reusable design comes apart for easy cleaning with hot water and soap, or the top rack of a non-industrial dishwasher. Available for nectar thick liquids or thin liquids.

How It Works:
The SafeStraw's fluid chamber limits the patient's fluid intake using a one way valve and a float. As the patient sucks on the straw, fluid flows through the valve and into the chamber. When the fluid travels through the chamber to the straw, the float rises. After around 6.2ml's the float reaches the top of the chamber closing it off preventing the patient from receiving more fluid. Once they stop sucking, the float sinks to the bottom of the chamber. This break gives them time to control the liquid bolus and safely swallow. Once the float has reached the bottom of the chamber they can safely draw another 6.2ml's of fluid. This aids in preventing aspiration of fluids while drinking. Works with a standard straw and a variety of cups. 

The Bionix SafeStraw is designed for use with thin, water like liquids, or nectar thickened liquids. Use with carbonated beverages, or honey thickened liquids will render the SafeStraw ineffective for limiting the volume of consumption.

Product Availability:
BIO-1500 - Box of 12 White, Thin Liquid SafeStraws
BIO-1510 - Box of 12 Blue, Thick Liquid SafeStraws
BIO-1520 - Variety Pack (6 White and 6 Blue SafeStraws)

Since the SafeStraw is made for individuals with swallowing problems, it should be used under the supervision of a professional trained in Dysphagia management. Please note this product is non-returnable once any of the valves have been removed from their plastic bag.

Please note this product has a 20% restocking fee if returned.

Also available in individual packs here.

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