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Adaptive Tech Solutions Featured in Quest Magazine

Adaptive Tech Solutions Featured in Quest Magazine

Adaptive Tech Solutions featured in Issue 3, 2019 of MDA's Quest Magazine

Denise, speech therapist and owner of  Adaptive Tech Solutions, discusses the importance of play to develop skills that are crucial for language development. For children with disabilities, play can be difficult due to motor impairments. Through the use of adapted toys, kids with disabilities can experience play to enhance their understanding of cause-and-effect, object permanence,  and other precursory skills to language development. But, even non-verbal children use these skills to interact and influence their environment, which translates into an ability to summons attention from caregivers, interact with peers & caregivers, play with toys, and control their surroundings through the use of adapted equipment.

Adaptive Tech Solutions adapts toys and equipment so individuals with disabilities can use them. The majority of their products are adapted by hand. Adaptive Tech Solutions is owned by a therapist whose passion is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through adapted technology.

Adaptive Tech Solutions, LLC

Oct 21, 2019 Adaptive Tech Solutions

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