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  • Flexible Switch requires less than 2 grams of pressure.

Flexible Switch

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Product Description

The Flexible Switch is a bendable, pressure-activated switch requiring the slightest touch (less than two ounces) whether the touch comes from directly above or at a shallow angle. The Flexible Switch has a standard 3.5mm plug for use with communication aids or battery-operated devices with a standard jack. These have an adhesive backing that is pretty permanent. So, if you want to re-position them, consider not peeling off the backing and instead using a temporary adhesive. Each Flexible Switch Set includes one 2 x 4 inch switch and one 3 x 5 inch switch. 

Please keep in mind:

„ The minimum bending radius of the Flexible Switch is 1.5”.

„ The Flexible Switch cannot be trimmed or cut in any way.

„ The Flexible Switch is not designed to be used with adapted toys with motors or other high-current devices.


Warranty Information

1 year