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Assistive Technology and Cerebral Palsy

Posted by Denise Bandl, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP on

Cerebral Palsy, the most common motor disorder, can make it difficult for people to interact with their environment. Through the use of assistive technology, such as  switches and switch adapted toys/devices, people with Cerebral Palsy can independently interact with their environment. Switches are buttons, levers, or sensors that can be activated with any part of the body. Switches vary in how much pressure is required to activate them. So, a person with very limited motor movements might do better with a Micro Switch, whereas a person with big, less controlled motor movements would do best with a large durable switch such as the Big Red Switch. Also, the body part being used to press the switch needs to be selected based on movements that are the most accurate, controlled, and consistent.

Individuals with Cerebral Palsy also often have speech disorders. For individuals with a significant speech impairment, they may not be easily understood by others. Through the use of communication devices (sometimes called talking boxes or talking buttons), people with speech impairments can communicate with others. There are a wide variety of communication devices ranging from single message output devices such as the Talk About!, to more advanced devices with multiple messages/topic pages such as the SuperTalker, and high tech devices such as those offered by companies that specialize in speech generating devices, such as Tobii Dynavox and PRC. Some individuals who aren't quite ready for these devices might benefit from a low tech system such as the Talk n Tote Board, a portable communication board that can have pictures and objects attached. 

Adaptive Tech Solutions, a therapist owned company, offers a wide variety of switches and switch adapted toys/devices to promote independence in people with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.

Easy Ideas for Protecting your iPad

If you are in a pinch, you can protect your iPad by re-puposing vinyl zipper pouches, notebooks with clear outer pockets, or you can use more substantial products such as the Rugged Rubber iPad Case and Shatterproof Screen Protector from

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Assistive Technology for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can benefit from the use of Assistive Technology (AT). Through the use of AT, the user can become less dependent on caregivers for prompts. This fosters greater independence and success. Visual Schedules Although "paper" schedules are beneficial, many individuals will perform  better when there is also a paired voice prompt. Use simple [...]

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Teaching Beginning Communication with Inexpensive Single Buttons

If you’re reading this, you most likely know someone who is non-verbal or has very limited communication skills. They may communicate through grunts, pushing things away, or throwing that tantrum in the grocery store isle that seems to last waaaay too long. As a caregiver, therapist or teacher, our job is to replace those methods of communication with functional, [...]

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Ideas for Using Inexpensive Single Output Communication Buttons

So, you've bought one or more single output communication buttons. Here's some ideas on how to use them!  Record the Happy Birthday Song so the user can sing to someone on their special day.Place 2 buttons on the fridge. On one, put a picture that represents drinking, on the other put a picture that represents eating.Record a [...]

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Low Cost or Free Accessible Software... Doesn't get much better than that!

There's nothing worse than shelling out your hard earned dough for some adaptive game software that isn't even interesting. Most of us have probably had that experience at least once. So, here are some software programs that can be downloaded or played online without paying a dime. Of course, these talented folks have to make [...]

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And your Mama says it's rude to interrupt... Battery Interrupters make toys switch adapted

"So, what are Battery Interrupters anyway?", you ask. Well, they are a little disk with a plug on the end. Slip these little guys between your battery and the compartment contacts to stop, or "interrupt", the power. This allows you to plug a switch into the other end to "un-interrupt" the power and make the toy [...]

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Disability-Related Resources

211I would have to say that the resource to try first would be 211. From any phone simply dial 211. This connects you with a person who is trained in finding resources for a variety of needs. We're talking everything from elder abuse, free medical treatment, to housing issues. This includes many resources for individuals [...]

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SoundingBoard help for "Error: Record Permission is required."

For those of you who are getting the error message in SoundingBoard that says "Error: Record Permission is required." Here are some tips that generally fix this issue. Please make sure you have the latest iOS version and the latest SoundingBoard version. To see if these are up to date, do the following:Go to “Settings” [...]

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